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POTENTIAL OWNER: How much is the puppy?


BREEDER: $3000 dollars.


POTENTIAL OWNER: What?? It's way too expensive!!


BREEDER: What do you think would be a good price?


POTENTIAL OWNER: No more than $1200. You reputable breeders are so over priced.


BREEDER: I am sorry you see it this way, why don't you try it yourself?


POTENTIAL OWNER: But I've never done it!


BREEDER: For FREE I can teach you how to do it, and in addition you will have the knowledge to do it again.


POTENTIAL OWNER: Perfect, thank you!


BREEDER: To start you will need a female (average cost $3000 and up) and a male (average cost $3000 and up) or semen (average $3000 and up). You will need to do genetic & health testing on them, which averages about $1500+ per dog. Lets not forget progesterone testings at $125 each, 4-5 needed, c-section, starting at $1300 if planned, and $3000 at the emergency room, inseminations at $375, ultrasounds at $123, x-rays $130, semen collections $275, storage of semen $120/year, semen analysis $75, potential overnight shipping of semen and so on ($4500+). 10+ hours of traveling to/from a reputable reproductive vet $400 per visit, dog sitter while you’re gone $50-75 a day, and provide daily care, feeding of high quality food & supplements, & grooming for 2 years of the potential stud/dam, (minimal $350 per month) Oh, don’t forget monthly prevention, annual vet visits and any other additional vet visits.

On top of this if you show - entries, equipment, travel, hotels, food, certificates, etc. Easily $3-4000/year.


POTENTIAL OWNER: But I don't have that much money...


BREEDER: For $10,000 you can raise a litter and then keep one of the puppies. Obviously, you will pay the cost of whelping & care.


POTENTIAL OWNER: I can do that.


BREEDER: OK so I have a female due to whelp in 2 weeks. You will need to be available 24/7 around the clock for at least 3 weeks to help with delivery, care ( a million loads of laundry) plus weeks afterwards to monitor mum and puppies. You will need to hire a helper so you can catch 4 hours of sleep a night & a puppy walker to exercise your adult dogs.


POTENTIAL OWNER: Five+ weeks? It's way too much time for me. I have to work.


BREEDER: Plus You will need to be available for puppy families to call you 24/7 with a worry or concern no matter the age. You MUST also be ready to take back the puppy/dog at any age if the family has a unforeseen emergency.


BREEDER: You will also need the reproductive vet to do progesterone testing ($88/test ) & c-section ($1300-$3300) and initial vet care on pups until old enough to be placed ($800+). Have on hand a scale, thermometer, latex gloves, puppy pads, incubator, heating lamp, whelping box, puppy pen, blankets, toys, bowls, cleaning supplies, appropriate food with supplements for mothers, formula, medications & hand/tube feeding supplies in case of emergency....


POTENTIAL OWNER: But I don't have all these things.


BREEDER: For $5000+ you can buy them.


POTENTIAL OWNER: Hmm .... You know, I think it might be better if I just buy a puppy.

BREEDER: Wise decision. For us, there are no vacations or holidays. While you go to visit with family & friends, we are home with our dogs caring for them. It is a no-breaks commitment.



When you choose a reputable breeder, you aren’t only purchasing the puppy but also knowledge, support, experience, love, time, sacrifices, etc..., plus the cost of life time support to the puppy owners. These numbers are just the tip of the iceberg (best case scenario) as a reputable breeder who takes on this journey full time,

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