Here is Moonshine giving me a kiss at 7
weeks old.  Also in the picture is his
sister, Gulph Mills Moonbeam who
became the source for the wonderful
girls I currently own.
Moonshine is shown with one his sons, Ch.
Thunder Paws Captain Murphy who became
an often used stud dog in Southern California.
Daisy, Queen of the Suburban.
Dave Hussey is shown here playing with
Daisy (Ch. Blu Ridge Goldleaf of Blk.
Pt.).  Note how athletic this bitch is with
her weight completely off the ground.
Le Roi
Ch. Goldleaf's St. Bridgette
Ch. Blu Ridge Goldleaf of Blk. Pt. "Daisy"
Daisy was easily the best Mastiff I have ever owned for
structure, movement, and type.  Ch. Goldleaf Montana
x Ch. Southport's Jez of Blue Ridge.  Daisy was the #1
Mastiff Bitch in 1991 and 1992.  In 1992 she was also
the #2 Mastiff overall.  As a brood bitch, Daisy
produced 5 champion children.
Daisy finished her championship at 9
months old taking breeds over specials.  
In this picture, Daisy is shwon qualifying
for the Puppy of the Year competition
Best in Show at a large all breed match
held at the Sir Francis Drake Kennel Club
show.  She went on to place 2nd among
the 12 Best in Show match winners.
Le Roi was a true gentle giant.  He ws raised
next to a preschool where he received a daily
dose of hugs and kisses from the children.  He
lived to play ball, especially soccer.
Ch. Moonstones Nobelest Resputin x Gulph Mills
Moonbeam.  Bridgette was my top producing
brood bitch.  Outcrossed to Ch. BriteStar's Dual
Impage "Brogan".  Out of a total of 18 puppies
they had together, 9 are champions so far and 2
more are pointed.  She was known to the
neighborhood children as "Huggy Bear" which was
appropriate to her sweet dispotition and love of
Attrbuted to
DeeDee Anderson
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