Todays Date
Cel phone
Do you have any children?  How many and what ages?
Do you have any pets?  How many and what kind?
Have you ever owned a large breed dog?
Are you home during the day or do you work?
Do you have a fenced yard?
Would this mastiff be a house dog?  Full or part time?
Why would you like to adopt our mastiff?
May we contact your vet for a reference? Please provide info.
No breeding will be allowed.  Spaying will be a requirement.  Are
you prepared to devote excellent care and pay to have this
procedure done by a vet approved by us?  
Your occupation(s)
Not all mastiffs are a perfect fit for a family.  There will be a 30
day trial period in which either party my terminate the
agreement and the mastiff will be returned to the breeder by
adoptive home.  This ensures both parties, including the mastiff,  
are comfortable and happy with the new home.  Weekly updates
throughout this period will be required, along with updates when
requested by breeder.  Do you agree to all of the above?
Additional information/comments about your family
Harper is an extremely sweet & very bright 22 month old female that we would like to
place into a loving pet home.  We would prefer to place her fairly close to us (west
coast) with a loving family looking for a wonderful girl.  We would prefer she join a
family that has another dog since she loves to play.  (She has never been around cats so
I have no idea how that would work out.)  A home visit and/or excellent references
would be required and applicants will be screened thoroughly. We want only the best for
this sweet girl.   Please fill out the information below for more information.
Thank you!   7/5/18